The Vision WYN Prevention Specialists partner with community sectors, utilizing evidence-based approaches to prevent and reduce youth substance abuse through awareness, advocacy, and action.  Through formal partnerships with law enforcement, mental health practitioners, schools, universities, community colleges, hospitals, health departments, and various other agencies, WYN aids communities in the selection, implementation, and evaluation of effective, culturally appropriate, and sustainable prevention activities. Together, community sectors implement interventions that reduce access and availability of alcohol and drugs, change community norms around alcohol and drug use, and reinforce the importance of policies and practices to prevent high risk alcohol and drug behaviors. These data-driven strategies are part of a comprehensive plan that targets youth and adults, while also positively impacting the shared community environment in which we live.  We aim to create strategies that empower youth to make healthy decisions; as well as create family, school and community environments that promote and support healthy decision making by youth within the 5 county service region of Ashe, Avery, Alleghany, Watauga, and Wilkes. 
The following is a list of some of our evidence-based programs and community initiatives:

    • Project Lazarus of Watauga County – a community-based initiative to reduce prescription medication abuse
For more information contact:
Hollie Storie
Director of Prevention Services
Western Youth Network, Inc.
155 WYN Way
Boone, NC 28607