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"The dedication and compassion of the staff who worked with my son was absolutely inspirational! I don't know of other programs in the High Country which provide the level of support, respect, and knowledge that WYN consistently does." -Parent of former WYN participant



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To build youth of character & confidence so that every young person in the High Country reaches their full potential.


To create a community in which every child, regardless of their circumstance, thrives.

WYN Pillars

Growing up is hard; harder for some than others. WYN works tirelessly to give young people the following:

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of a caring environment



of positive role models



needed to learn & grow


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Our Staff

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Jennifer Warren
Executive Director
I work at WYN because I feel connected to its mission and because I love the people I work beside of every day. I feel a personal responsibility to help families be as strong as possible so that kids have the kind of childhood that prepares them to be successful and happy adults.
Angela McMann
Director of Mentoring Services
I work at WYN because I know that what I do makes a difference in my community, and in the lives of the youth and families that I am in contact with. In my role at WYN I am able to utilize my greatest skills, people and networking. I love to get to know families and youth and meet them where they are.
Gretchen Summerville
Prevention Program Coordinator
Is there a greater investment than in our children? I don’t think so! WYN also provides a supportive, respectful, and professional atmosphere that fosters productivity and positive relationships within the office and the community.
Heather Canipe
Afterschool Director
I work at WYN because I enjoy working with the community on a broader scale, as well as working with individual students.
Maggie Clay
Afterschool Site Leader
I am amazed at the passion WYN has for serving the community here in the High Country. Being mindful that middle school is a crucial time for students both socially and developmentally, I am honored to be a part of the safe and enriching environment that WYN provides.
Charlene Grasinger
Mentoring Coordinator
I work at WYN because its an organization that embraces the concept of “it taking a village to raise a child.” WYN is a community that comes together and immediately accepts you and nurtures your passions to become the best version of yourself, no matter your background, beliefs or family dynamic.
Tommy Boyd
Prevention Associate
WYN approaches its work with an understanding of both the complex and unique lives that youth have; and the important role which the community plays in their lives. The programs here give youth the chance to build relationships, practice life skills, and have their voices heard in a safe environment. Working on a team consisting of caring, passionate, and smart professionals who have wonderful senses of humor makes it all that much sweeter.
Elizabeth Thomas
Prevention Associate
I work at WYN because I love the vibe and culture of the organization. The staff really care about this community and fight hard to make sure youth have a safe place to not only live, but to thrive. Every community needs public health preventionists, but WYN values and respects the work we do, which is why I love working here
Kiersten Kleene
Afterschool Site Leader
Julia Roberts
Director of Development
I believe deeply that every child deserves to be cared for and to have the chance to follow their dreams. At WYN I have the opportunity to work every day for a cause I believe in alongside some of the most sincerely compassionate people I have ever met. The kids, staff and mission of WYN have captured my heart!
Sabena Maiden
Avery County Mentoring Coordinator
I work at WYN because I believe that every kid is an important person, and WYN believes that too. The volunteers, employees and supporters of WYN not only know this, but they practice it in their programs, actions and attitude. I’m so happy to be a part of an open-hearted organization that gets good things done.
Patricio Armendariz
Afterschool Site Leader
Each student carries with them their own sets of talents, passions, and hardships that they will over come. Every student is unique. WYN understands this, and meets each student where they are at in their journey. WYN has a passion for serving our community, and works hard to bring people together in order to provide a safe and caring environment for our students in the High Country. This is why I am excited to be a part of WYN.
Eric Johnston
Afterschool Site Leader

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