WYNter Cookie

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our most delicious winter fundraiser! From now until February we will be selling the WYNter Wonderland Cookie, a limited edition treat from Appalachia Cookie Company. With Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups melted into a dark chocolate batter then sprinkled with powdered sugar “snow,” this cookie will make mouths water for folks of all ages!
Because of App Cookie Co’s generosity, 100% of the profits from the sales of this cookie will go straight to WYN programs.
Share this cookie with family, friends, neighbors, employees, business partners and more for holiday gifts. THESE COOKIES CAN BE SHIPPED NATIONWIDE.
To order the cookie for pick up in Boone or for nationwide delivery, please visit our special product website: http://wynterwonderlandcookie.weebly.com/