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Monthly Giving Levels:

  • Over $100 per month=WYNer
    Your donation at this level will allow WYN to expand our services to more children.  Jump on board and help us reach record numbers of kids with the safety, skills and support they need to reach their potential! Each donation at this level translates to one more child we can enroll.
  • $100=WYNvestor
    As a WYNvestor, you will be providing monthly experiences for our youth including yoga, music, art, hiking and backpacking trips, caving, kayaking and horseback riding trips, and educational field trips.  You will be giving kids a life-changing experience.
  • $50=WYNefactor
    At this level you will be contributing to ensuring the safety of our volunteer mentors and after school tutors (includes recruiting, interviewing, training and background screening) who influence the lives of the WYN youth.
  • $25=WYNfluencer
    For the cost of roughly a half a tank of gas, your donation will pay for transportation from our programs to a child’s house for a week.  For some children, attendance at WYN would be impossible without this service.
  • $10=WYNthusiast
    For the price of a few cups of coffee, you can help provide two “coffee dates” or counseling sessions between WYN staff and mentors in which conflict resolution, skill building and match support can take place. Or, for the same price you can provide a healthy snack for an after school student for a month!

Give to the WYN Legacy Fund

Invest in our future by giving to our endowment fund. The endowment fund provides stability and security, helping to ensure our mission over the long term. Learn More…

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